Top Sources For Video Production Tips and News

I follow the video production and online video news spaces very closely. It’s a personal passion of mine, it directly relates to Spidvid and UnleashVideo, and with the growth we’ve seen over the last few years it’s been extremely interesting to follow! Below are some of my favorite blogs, and podcast shows.

1. IndyMogul – Such an amazing show for filmmakers and video creators, filled full of DIY content, and entertaining too!

2. FilmRiot – see above!

3. Partners Project – Anything that show host Shira does I’m a fan of! In this show she interviews some of YouTube’s top partners to extract their knowledge and tips for video creators.

4. New Mediacracy – This is an audio only podcast where a gang of filmmakers get together, drink, and talk shop. Definately NSFW and informative!

5. NoFilmSchool – A blog about the filmmaking world, very interesting insights and resources shared here.

6. Raindance – This site offers training (I attended a weekend workshop of theirs last year in fact), and also has a very good blog too.

7. ReelSEO – I love this site for news, viral videos, and the weekly video production tips.

8. – a good mix of coverage about online video, and tips for creating videos too.

9. Indie Intertube – The girls that run this site are incredible, and their podcast conversations are fun to listen to as well.

10. web series TODAY – This site features lots of amazing web series content to watch on a daily basis, and web series related news from across the web.

These are just a few of my top favorites, do you have any to add?

Video Production/Marketing Resources Tweets

If you don’t yet follow our Twitter page you should because we are always looking to provide value to our followers with video production tips, resources, advice, and other 140 character golden nuggets. Here’s our best over the last 7 days.

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  • @nalts went all out on this post: Models for “Signing” YouTube Creators; Tips for Advertisers, Studios & Stars via Will Video For Food
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  • New Generation of Filmmakers Turning to Internet, Fans to Finance Projects via The Hollywood Reporter
  • The 12 Step Process To Web Series via Spidvid
  • Felicia Day breathes fire into ‘Dragon Age’ web series via USA TODAY
  • What Video Production Pros Need To Know About Marketing via REELSEO
  • Google is in talks to acquire Next New Networks to improve the content quality on YouTube via REUTERS
  • Top 5 Tips For Shooting Video Outdoors via YouTube
  • How to Make Your Own Short Film via YouTube
  • Learn how to shoot a driving scene without needing the assistance of car mounts via FilmRiot
  • Are you a corporate video producer? How To Create Videos That Get You Customers via Mixergy
  • How to add music and graphics in Final Cut Pro via YouTube
  • Apply this knowledge to your Spidvid team! How My Virtual Team Collaborates via Web Worker Daily
  • Production Tip of the Day: Oscar award-winning and nominated directors discuss the challenges of marketing a film via YouTube

The top Spidvid project completed/video uploaded this week goes to the team behind “THE BIKER – It’s Okay To Be a Cat Guy” as embedded below. This is the bravest cat ever, a true biker cat!

THE BIKER – It’s Okay To Be A Cat Guy from Michelle Cameron on UnleashVideo

Cutting Through The Noise For Filmmakers

cut through the noise

Lots going on in the world of collaborative video creation these days! There’s lots of useless noise out there, but we cut through it for you to only share the worthwhile stuff that matters. Below is the best of our last seven days of tweets.

The top Spidvid project completed/video uploaded this week goes to the team behind “The Unfriending” as embedded below. Before you unfriend someone on Facebook, watch this video first!

The Unfriending from Deron on UnleashVideo