Video Project Partnerships and Collaboration

Partnerships and Collaboration

Filmmaking by nature is a collaborative process, but all too often filmmakers try to do many of the key tasks themselves and get swamped. As a filmmaker sometimes the best thing you can do is let go a bit and trust that others on your team can pull their weight and add unique value that perhaps you don’t possess.

We are starting to see more and more of our Spidvid community members leverage each other’s talents and time, to develop content that they otherwise couldn’t have done alone, or with their core team.

If you are looking to partner up with another filmmaker, with other talent such as actors and directors, or want to collaborate with filmmakers who have projects that may interest you, then grab a Spidvid profile, check out active projects, and get involved in our open video production movement.

If you have a project you want to launch, then I encourage you to post it on Spidvid! We’ll help to promote and evangelize your project to our members who may be very interested in partnering and collaborating with you on it.

And finally, to our Canadian members, subscribers, followers, and fans, enjoy your Memorial Day holiday this weekend!

Cutting Through The Noise For Filmmakers

cut through the noise

Lots going on in the world of collaborative video creation these days! There’s lots of useless noise out there, but we cut through it for you to only share the worthwhile stuff that matters. Below is the best of our last seven days of tweets.

The top Spidvid project completed/video uploaded this week goes to the team behind “The Unfriending” as embedded below. Before you unfriend someone on Facebook, watch this video first!

The Unfriending from Deron on UnleashVideo

How To Promote Your Videos

Travis Gordon is a video creator who manufactured the brilliant fantasy action web series Spellfury which has now amassed over 3 million views throughout its incredible existence! In addition to being a web series creator, he also teaches others on how to promote their videos to receive more views, comments, likes, subscribers, and love.

Spidvid has sponsored his latest video “How To Promote Your Videos” and it’s a worthwhile watch to learn how Travis promotes his video content like a rock star, and how you can too!

If you create videos that may interest us to sponsor, please contact us and let us know how we can mutually benefit together.

Bonus: Below is the trailer for Spellfury, enjoy!

Spidvid Discussed on the Social Media Show

Karim Kanji and Soniya Monga host the Social Media Show, a show that talks about social media (obviously), startups, new media, tech, politics, and other interesting topics. On Halloween this year Spidvid made its way onto the show which featured GigaOM story teller Matthew Ingram who talks about Mesh Marketing, and an interesting discussion was had about our open video production platform.

You can watch (or listen to) the incredible conversation below, or if you are low on time then tune into the 44:00 mark to hear the startup spotlight put on Spidvid, and me as an entrepreneur.

Have a comment about this episode of the Social Media Show, Spidvid, or something else? Add a comment below, and leave your website link so I can connect with you and check out what you’re up to heading into 2011!

The Spidvid Creator Initiative

Been thinking up creative ways to increase projects on Spidvid, provide some extra incentives for video creators, and get the Spidvid community more engaged with new opportunities.

So today we are launching an initiative for current and future Spidvid creators where we act as a video project producer.

Here’s how the Spidvid Creator Initiative works:

– A video concept or script must be submitted to us and pre-approved.

– Each created video should be 1-5 minutes in length.

– Each video needs to have good original entertainment and production value.

– Each video must be ad-friendly for brands.

– Since collaboration is at our core, each video must be created with at least one Spidvid community member. A team member can quickly and easily get a free Spidvid profile.

– $50-$500 will be provided for each project budget.

– The video creators and his or her teams will be given 25%-50% of the content ownership.

These are the key points of our Spidvid Creator Initiative as of today. There will be likely changes over time, and so updates will be well communicated here on our blog, in our newsletter, and via Twitter and Facebook. If you have any questions please contact us, or post a comment below.