7 Videomaking Lessons To Learn From the NHL Lockout

Videomaking Lessons From NHL Lockout

I’m a passionate video creator, and I also happen to love the sport of hockey. I grew up playing hockey in a small village where the arena ice was all natural, and the parents froze their butts off in the stands.

As a loyal hockey fan it pains me to see the NHL owners locking out the NHL players in a head to head battle that features egotistic millionaires and power trip billionaires. On a positive note, I’ve been taking away lessons learned during the heated negotiations, and decided to formulate and document a list as it relates to videomaking.

7 Videomaking Lessons To Learn From the NHL Lockout

  1. Communication is key – much of this NHL lockout has been spent with both parties venting to the media instead of talking directly to each other. There has been more time spent participating in media interviews than actually talking the core issues through to reach a long-term deal. Video production teams must keep their members tightly connected together, manage egos, and discuss everything openly and honestly.
  2. Money matters – The NHL lockout like many other forms of lockouts comes down to money. The owners signed some ridiculous player contracts over the last few years, and now they want a discount with some form of relief on them. As the infamous quote goes; “a card laid is a card played” meaning whatever management commits to paying a player, or in the case of a video producer; a team member, when a production deal or partnership is made, should be honored in full.
  3. Use consistent messaging – Throughout the lock out process, communication with the media shows each of the members using similar wording, catch phrases, sound bites, and tone when positioning their strategical stance in negotiations. Video creators need to do the same when speaking with team members, the media, producers, and partners. Every member should be on the same page at any given time, and fully buy into the team’s culture.
  4. Don’t issue threats – Gary Bettman who’s the commissioner of the NHL, threatened to lock out the players if a new deal wasn’t reached when the expiring collective bargaining agreement ended. Threatening to do nasty things to your partners is never a good idea, video creators should aim to build lasting relationships with their partners and keep everyone as happy as possible.
  5. Respect deal offers – This lesson also comes from Gary Bettman as he was given 3 separate deals from the players association to review, analyze, and give a yes or no to. He decided to shoot down all 3 deals within 10 minutes which really angered his negotiation partner whose team likely put in hundreds of hours assembling each offer. Video creators and producers need to respect any and all bids/proposals made, and provide legitimate reasoning if any details don’t make sense for whatever reason. Don’t burn bridges, keep options open for present and future video and film projects that may lay ahead.
  6. At the end of the day, cut a fair deal – As of right now it appears that one side is trying to convincingly win out over the other in the NHL negotiations. Win-win deals should always be the end goal when entering into any negotiation, because if down the road one key team member wins out by a landslide over other important members, then any potential future negotiations for a new project are likely to be fragile right from the get go.
  7. Better late than never – The 2004-2005 NHL season was completely lost, which was the only time that a professional sports league in North America scrapped a whole season. A full NHL season totals 82 games. For the 2012-2013 NHL campaign, we are almost certainly to see at most 70 games once a deal gets done. Better late than never, to even play 48 games is better than 0. A late deal is better than no deal at all. So for all the video creators and producers reading these words, don’t leave money on the table, if there is cash to be had, try to get as much as you can. But also don’t get too greedy and blow important project deals altogether.

Have an 8th videomaking lesson which can be learned from this year’s frustrating NHL lockout? If so, add it in below with a comment, I would love to learn from it!

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