Interview With Film Composer Darren Wonnacott

Dave Bundtzen recently had a chance to talk with the talented composer Darren Wonnacott who created the music scores for Flix Digital’s Imperceptive and Vending Vengeance. The interview between the two Spidvid members is below, and the original post can be found on Dave’s blog here.

Who are you?

My name is Darren Wonnacott and I’m a Film Composer from the United Kingdom.

Darren Wonnacott

How long have you been composing for?

I have been composing music for around 8 years now. I started off by playing electric guitar in bands.

How did you start working with Dave Bundtzen and Flix Digital?

I actually met Dave over at Spidvid, which is a social network for filmmakers. It’s a great place to meet new people with the same interests.

How does working with Dave Bundtzen differ from other productions?

Dave is very competent at what he does and is extremely organized. It is so great to work with a Director that shares the same interests musically too. This definitely helps when composing music for Dave’s projects as I know what he is looking for in the score. Dave also keeps me in the loop with everything that is happening, which makes things go so much smoother and things get completed so much quicker.

What do you like about working on online video shorts?

I love how quickly they can reach a worldwide audience within just a few days! It is amazing how you can get your product available worldwide with just a few clicks from your computer.

Has online video and social media changed what you do?

Totally, when used constructively it is an extremely useful tool! Without social media I would never of got to meet and work with Dave and it wouldn’t be possible to do what I do without it.

Here is the track Undercover Attack from Imperceptive. Have a listen below.

Imperceptive: Undercover Attack by darrenwonnacottcomposer

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