How to Think Up New Video Production Ideas

Whether you love creating videos just for fun, or for a profit by having them monetized with ads, either way you constantly need video production ideas to get your projects started. Ideas are hard to come up with, or rather good ideas are hard to come up with which are unique and original. Some of the most remarkable ideas we’ve read are from viewers who only consume video content, and don’t create it. After reading our four tips below, we challenge you to submit your own to see what our community thinks of your story or idea.

If you’re a video creator or filmmaker and are lacking good ideas for your next project, you can either look to places like our community for them, or you can get inspired and think up new ones. That latter is my goal for this post.

Read on to discover how you can generate some interesting and actionable video production ideas.

#1. Go for a walk. Get out to clear your head, and visit a spot which gets your creative juices flowing. The now infamous Michael Jackson wrote a few of his greatest hit songs on his “giving tree“, located on his former Neverland Ranch. Jackson found his inspiration climbing a tree, where do you find your inspiration?

#2. Consume different types of content. Many professionals tend to read, listen to, and watch the same type of content on a daily basis. To start thinking in new perspectives get out of your “content comfort zone” and read something you’ve never read before, listen to a podcast show that discuss topics outside of your niche, or jump on YouTube and discover videos you wouldn’t have watched yesterday. Ideas can come from unexpected and surprising places.

#3. Brainstorm with friends. Do you remember in school how your teacher would come up with a topic and everyone would contribute ideas about that particular topic? Do the same with your friends, family members, or colleagues. Learn to utilize the minds of those around you because not only will you come up with better video ideas, but everyone’s overall creativity will be elevated as well.

#4. Go to the movies. I don’t know what it is about movie theaters, but I always seem to come out of them with interesting ideas. Whether it’s seeing an actor doing something goofy, being entertained with a special effect, hearing a memorable quote I want to repeat a million times to my friends, or getting popcorn stuck on my shoes, there is bound to be an idea or two that suddenly comes to you which can inspire your next video or film.

Bonus – #5. Jot them down. Whether the jotting down occurs in your physical notebook, on your iPod, on your (future ) iPad, in your email, on the back of a napkin, or on the back of your hand, just get something down which can be easily recalled later. Many good ideas get lost or forgotten so be sure to have at least one reliable place to document your ideas.

Do you have another way to come up with remarkable video/film production ideas? What inspires and motivates you to get your mind turbo charged?

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